Before & After

This blog posting reminds me of my first real job at DirectoriesAmerica...Sprint's (then United Telecom's) division that published telephone books.  For you young readers, a telephone book was a paper book with everyone's telephone number and address in it and it came out once per year with updated information.  Anyway, we had an advertiser that operated a hair replacement clinic and he wanted to put "before & after" pictures in his ad.  Well, we accidentally (at least I think it was an accident) flip-flopped the pictures so the before picture had a handsome, smiling man with a full head of hair and the after picture had a pathetic looking, melancholy (I mean, how could you possibly be happy if you are bald?) man with no hair.  At first, the advertiser was pissed but after it received all kinds of news coverage, he was the happier than the guy who had his hair replaced.  I digress.  

Last weekend, I'm at my parents farm and, of course, my dad pulls out a jacket that he's had since Carter was president and has never had it cleaned.  It had old manure (poop), oil, blood and all kinds of food and general soil.  "Joe, do you think your cleaners can do anything with this?"  I detected a tone of "this thing is toast but I'm an older man that can afford a new jacket but why should I spend a dime on something new if I can keep using this old thing?"  I'm sure you've heard that tone before from your parents.  I took it as a personal challenge to see what could be accomplished.  Look at the results!





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