Business Neighbors

Let me start by saying I think my mom's advice of "always wear clean underwear" is very important.

We have some pretty awesome neighbors here at Hangers' main processing facility in Martin City.  I think we take them for granted most of the time but as I pulled up this morning I saw this shot of Farmland's spiral sliced ham factory - the largest in the world.  No kidding.  If the wind is blowing from the east, everything smells like bacon and who doesn't love that? Sometimes when I fart, I say "do you smell bacon?" and everyone takes a big whiff to see if they can actually smell bacon.  It's a trick that Mark Shrout taught me - althought he uses "do you smell popcorn?" instead.  Same result.  Try it's fun.

A few years ago they had an ammonia leak that ended up being harmless but a lot of their employees came over to Hangers and hung out in our office for awhile.  No big deal.  Well, a couple days later, we received a box of enough spiral sliced hams for every one of our employees.  As Steven St. John would say..."it was delicious."

Across the street from us is Suburban Lawn & Garden's mulch factory.  Don't you love this business model? pay them to take your old branches, they grind them up and add some coloring to them, and then they sell them back to you in the spring.  When we first opened, they were grinding directly to the south of us and we get pretty strong southerly breezes that were blowing dust and mulch particles into our plant.  I called the owner, Bill Stueck, and he immediately shifted the grinding to the northeast so it wouldn't blow in our building.  That is a massive operation and he did it without prodding.  

Loving Arms Adult Day Care is just to the west of us.  They have a thriving day care for adults and treat us very well.  I grow zucchini at home and bring it to their owner, Debbie Hartsell and she makes us zucchini bread.  If you catch me somewhere in private, ask me to tell you the "woop woop" story.

Seville Home and our landlord, Eastbend LLC, let us use their loading docks, forklifts and other assets when we need them, which is all the time.  I'll have to test them and ask if I can use their bathroom.  That's how you know who your real friends are.  For example...

I feel sorry for my sister Betsy since she lives the closest to the Plaza of anyone in my family.  When the famous Runyan "pressure" starts to build it is usually followed by a rapid trip home to take care of business.  If the pressure is too much and the algorhythm your brain is calculating between toilet and "release" is coming up somewhere short of your's time to stop at Betsy and George's since they are just off Ward Parkway. When it happens, no words need to be spoken upon arrival. It's a simple head nod between rapid, short breaths and the sweat dripping off the brow is a clear signal that pleasantries will be exchanged after the work is done.  The only real communication is a signal from Betsy as to whether the perpetrator is to go upstairs or the half bath by the kitchen.  Thankfully, she works at Indigo Wild so there is sufficient odor masking and remediation (good word) available at all times.  

Today's lesson:  Be good to friends, neighbors and never know when you'll need them or their toilet!

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