Mariano Rivera
I know I said I was going to blog about care labels and their bogusness...but I'm putting that off until next time. 

Those of you from Kansas City know (or should know) that the Royals just finished a series with the NY Yankees in which we were swept.  Yes, the dreaded and hated NY Yankees.  Ever since I had my 11, 12 and 13 year old heart broken by them in the mid 70's, I have hated that team.  Still do.

However, I read a story and then talked first hand with someone that experienced the class and thoughtfulness of Mariano Rivera.  Two worlds collided in KC this past weekend and the story is pretty special.  Let me begin...

First, the story of the Bresette family.  You may already know that the Bresette family lost their son, Luke, in a terrible accident at an airport in Alabama over spring break earlier this year.  Luke was huge baseball fan.  Luke's father, Ryan, is a friend of mine and he is also a huge sports fan.  Watching and imagining what the Bresette family was going through was difficult for me and for many, many others.

Fast forward to this weekend and the Royals vs. the hated Yankees.  I'm reading the paper Sunday morning about a nice meeting between Mariano Rivera and the Bresette family.  I thought how nice it was that Rivera (who I had heard was a great guy and, by the way, is the last guy in baseball still playing and to still wear #42 since it was retired for Jackie Robinson) was taking the time to meet with them.  The story went on to say that Luke was a huge baseball fan and then his brother Joe yelled "but he hated the Yankees!"  The article said that Rivera laughed and that is where the story ended. 

Ryan Bresette came into our business today (he is a customer) so we of course talked about the story in the paper and how cool we thought Rivera was.  Ryan said that Rivera was incredible and the story didn't do him justice.  Apparently one of the Bresette boys asked Rivera if he could have the ball if Rivera were to pitch in the game and that he would be behind the visitor's dugout after the game.  As fate would have it, Rivera pitched and got the save against our Royals.  The game ended on a fly ball so the Bresettes thought there was no way Rivera would get the ball back in his hands to give it to them, so they made their way to their car for trek home.  As soon as they got to the car, they got a call from one of the Royals PR representatives to let them know that Mariano Rivera was looking for them because he did, indeed, pitch in the game and he had promised to give the ball to one of the Bresettes.  Ryan Bresette then hustled back to the stadium to meet, once again, Mariano Rivera so he could fulfill his promise.

We hear lots of stories about pompous, self-centered athletes.  Well, Mariano Rivera is not one of them.

I still hate the Yankees just like my mom will always hate the Raiders...but Mariano Rivera is one cool dude and needs to be recognized for it. 


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