Peplum & USPS

Peplum and Leather Touches

At the risk of having Jack Harry make fun of me, I DID say peplum!  Some of the clothing blogs I've been reading have mentioned that peplum is on the way out and leather "touches" are going to be "in" for 2014.  Two things...1) I'm thinking I should consider turning in my man card for mentioning "peplum" and "leather touches" in writing, 2) be aware that leather "touches" are VERY difficult and risky to clean.  They often bleed onto the surrounding fabric and can sometimes become stiff or even split (if glued in layers).  Just giving you a heads up.  

Postal Service

Check out what we received from the post office a few days ago.  I have no idea what it is/was.  Can you imagine if FedEx or UPS did this?!

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