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French Benefits of Being a Driver

It's getting warmer and the huge amounts of blue bags coming through our doors says it is FINALLY spring.  As I see all the bags piled up in our laundry bins, it reminds me of some of the funny/weird stuff our drivers see on a regular basis...and I'm sure they don't tell anyone about some of it!  In case you didn't know it, PEOPLE ARE WEIRD!!!  Some examples...

  • Answering the door naked or partially naked.  If I hadn't see it (or maybe I should say "them") myself I wouldn't believe it.  The one experience I had is one that I wish I didn't have! This woman showed me her boobs on accident and she is still a customer so I have to think about them every time I see her.
  • Our guys have told me multiple stories about women that answer the door in towels or bath robes that are open showing full frontal nudity. Really!?  That is why our drivers now wear cameras on their hats (just kidding).  First of all, our guys don't ring doorbells typically so the exhibitionist is laying in wait for the guys to show up.  Weird!  To date, I don't have any reports of dudes answering the door naked.  Probably because they don't have a fluffer to get them ready for the delivery guy.  Did I just say that?
  • We've helped people move furniture, start cars, tow their car out of their snowy driveway, catch runaway dogs, get tours of their homes, etc...  Most are just friendly things that you'd expect but some are flat out strange.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever done to a delivery person?  If you don't get offended easily you can do a search online for some examples.  The number of ladies that answer the door naked or partially naked is astonishing and it must be true because it's on the world wide web. 

Don't feel pressured to answer the door naked...but DO remember to leave your bag out for the Hangers driver.  

March was "Hug Robert Bixler" month.  Please report to me if you actually got to hug him.  If you did, I might even sing you a verse of "Big John" with the words "Big Bix" instead.  

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