Why Don't We Finish Anything?

Why Don't We Finish Anything?

Every once in a while I observe something in everyday life that makes me ponder things. I know, deep...huh?  Yesterday I was making a quick trip to the restroom and as I walked by our laundry department and noticed two 50 lb buckets of laundry soap.  One of the buckets had about one cup in it while the other had almost 50 lbs left in it.  Why not finish one bucket first...or dump the small amount remaining in it before starting to use the new bucket?!  I'm sure there's no way I could understand the pain and suffering involved with lifting the 8oz portion and pouring into the full bucket.














Fast forward to this morning when I was getting a bowl of cereal and I noticed we had several boxes of cereal in the pantry...but most of them had less than one serving in them!  What the hell?!  I never leave a single Cheerio in the box or a crumb on my plate, or a single drop of beer or soda in a can.  Was I raised different?

As I'm writing this post, I started thinking about last night where I was working on our basement bathroom.  I spent several hours removing old lights and cabinet doors, etc... but then I didn't take the 90 seconds to return my tools to the garage where they belong?  Now, when I stomp around the house and complain about not being able to find my tools, I'll remember I left them in the basement bathroom and laugh at myself after first blaming my children.


How does all of this pertain to dry cleaning and laundry?  It doesn't...but it was bothering me.  

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