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People I Like or Don't Like

I don’t know what the deeper meaning or reason is, but I’ve been trying to figure out why people are lying to me about enjoying reading my blog and why they’ve asked me to continue writing it. The best I can figure is that some people enjoy reading about the daily experiences and viewpoints of a business owner that doesn’t take himself too seriously and enjoys sharing some of the funny, weird, maddening and even educational stuff that happens on a regular basis. I'm not sure if a lot of weird stuff happens to me or if I just like to remember and repeat them.

Two types of people: Back in the days before social media I had a theory about my friends who had kids about the same age as my kids and why I loved hanging out with some parents and didn’t like hanging out so much with the others. It finally dawned on me that I wanted to throw up every time I was around people who had kids that could do no wrong (even though I knew their kids could do wrong!). Their grades were great, they were fantastic athletes, were active with volunteer groups, never misbehaved, blah, blah, blah. I just got tired of hearing about it. I knew my kids were pretty good kids but like all kids, they did some dumb stuff (they each have received a B once in their school their dad) or failed a test or whatever. It just got so old listening to parents drone on about how perfect their kids were…so I stopped. Then along came social media and I got to see FB posts about how perfect everyone and their family was all over again! Yay! One good thing about social media is the ability to stop “listening” by just not following them anymore!  I must say that I cherish and enjoy being with parents of kids (some that are grown now) that are not perfect.

Like I said...two types of people, which leads to my thought for the day.  There are people that you are glad to see walk into the room and those that you dread seeing walk in. Which are you?