Wash & Fold Laundry

Wash & Fold Laundry

The concept of wash & fold laundry is pretty simple, really. If it's something you'd wash at home...it's something we can wash for you! It's a service that we charge for by the pound and not by the piece and we use an orange bag instead of blue. Weird, huh? All items are sorted by color and type, then washed, dried, folded, and neatly packaged for delivery to your door or one of our stores all fresh and clean. Wash & Fold is for items that just need to be washed but not pressed. Things like socks, sheets, tshirts, underwear (with our patented skid-mark remover), sweatshirts, towels, etc...

Is it really worth it? The simple answer is "yes." The average household "pays" the person who does laundry the equivalent of about $5 per hour when you consider the cost of detergent, water, gas to heat the water, equipment, gas or electricity to run the drier, etc... Is your time worth $5 per hour? How about your spouse?!

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  • What's it cost? Answer: $1.49/lb
  • Is there a miminum? Answer: Yes. There is a 12 lb minimum
  • Do I need an orange bag or can I put in my blue bag? Answer: You need an orange bag. We use blue bags for items that are charged "per piece" so if you put a skanky pair of undies in the blue bag we'll clean 'em, press 'em and put 'em on a hanger for you. Your choice...but we recommend doing the sorting for us. Just kidding about the undies.
  • Do you do any pre-spotting? Answer: No. We're banking on you doing it for us. You know where the secret spots are. 
  • Is your skid-mark remover really patented? Answer: No...that was an exaggeration.
  • Will you put things on hangers for me? Answer: No. That's what the blue bag service is for. You are welcome to put things on hangers when they get back home to you.
  • How is it packaged? Answer: Like this...


  • Is the turnaround time the same as the dry cleaning? Answer: Yes. 
  • Will you "line dry" or "lay flat to dry" like the care label says? Answer: No. Unfortunately, we can't do this at the per/lb rate but, again, we can handle requests like that on our dry cleaning, or blue bag side of the business. 
  • Which state does the most laundry? Answer: Washington. Boom...be sure to tip your waiter!