The Hangers KC Management Team

Joe Runyan is the president of the organization, which means he does all the jobs that nobody else will do. As the youngest of six kids, he was born and is still being raised in Kansas City. He is married and has two children.

Mr. Runyan also goes by the following aliases... Houndog, Attaché, Smoke, El Jefe, and Doctor... don't be afraid to ask for him by any of these names.

Some of the stuff that nobody really cares about but we feel obligated to put on the website about Mr. Runyan are listed below:

Joe Runyan

Worked at Sprint for many years before coming up with the idea for Hangers at Brit's Pub in Minneapolis while drinking a black & tan.

Went to Rockhurst High School, Trinity University and KU, where he allegedly got his HS diploma, BS and MBA respectively.

Member of HEMP because of the cool name and the mentoring.

Personal friend of Barnett Helzberg.




Brian Gunnerson is a co-owner and manages the operations and financial aspects of Hangers Cleaners, which means he ignores all GAAP and FASB rules and regulations in our "laundering" process. He is also a former associate of the Sprint Corporation, where he eared the status of Ward and Governor... both of which are put to good use at Hangers.

Brian Gunnerson
Co-Chief and Camarlingo

Meaningless stuff about Mr. Gunnerson:

Mr. Gunnerson was born and raised in Iowa (aka "God's Country") and is the oldest of four children. He is married and has two kids.

Purportedly graduated from Iowa State University with a BS and claims to hold an MBA from UMKC.

Brian is known to hum when hungry and thinking of food.

Will bust you in the chops!