Laundered Dress Shirt $3.10
Blouse $7.95
Dry Cleaned Shirt $7.95
Pants $7.95
Dress $16.95
Skirt $8.35
Suit $16.90
Blazer $8.95
Tie $8.95
Sweater $8.35
Comforters $35.00+
Wash & Fold Now Only $1.49 / lb!
Leather $55.00+
  • Prices do not include environmental charges. Environmental tax is only charged in KS, per KS state law (please do NOT ask Joe why we have to collect/pay environmental tax when all cleaning is done without hazardous chemicals and ALL cleaning is done in Missouri!).
  • Prices are subject to change and do not include additional charges for silk, linen, lining, excessive hair removal, etc.
  • Prices are before discounts or other special offers
  • Prices DO include our friendly, clean and award-winning stores and service!
  • Please call (816) 941-2262 for prices on additional items